James Alexander Gillespie Memorial Fund and Forms

Committee, Saturday, 15 December 2012

James Alexander Gillespie Memorial Fund and Forms



A fund has been established in memory of James Alexander Gillespie, a past Honorary Life Member of Port River Sailing Club and Patron from 1987 to 2004.



To promote Port River Sailing Club junior sailing by encouraging and supporting young members who aspire to participating in sailing events and programs

at state,national or international levels.


Eligible Applicants:

To be eligible for a grant from the James Alexander Gillespie Memorial a person shall be

·        a registered sailor junior or student member of the Port River Sailing Club at the date of application, and

·        eligible to compete in a nominated State, National or International event or series of events as a junior or youth competitor.


Financial Grants:

To assist an eligible applicant competing in a State, National or International sailing event or series of events the Management Committee of the

James Alexander Gillespie Memorial at its discretion may award a financial grant or series of grants in full or partial payment of

·        entry, registration or nomination fees required for the member to compete

·        appropriate safety equipment or clothing to be worn by the eligible applicant during competition at the event or events

·        transportation costs for the eligible applicant and or their boat to travel between Adelaide and the venue of the event

·        any other expenditure considered by the Management Committee to meet the Objective of the Memorial and appropriate

and desirable for the development of the sailing skills of a junior member.

The amount of any grant shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee.

In no instance may a grant exceed actual costs incurred by an applicant. In the event of over-funding from this Memorial, all monies

in excess of actual costs incurred shall be reimbursed to the Management Committee.

Grants shall be brought to account in Club records as promotional costs by reimbursement of expenses incurred by a member on behalf of the Club.

A grant from this Memorial shall not constitute a benefit paid to a member.

Should a successful applicant fail to attend and compete in the event for which a grant was received, the Management Committee may require

the granted funds to be reimbursed.



Application forms are available from the Honorary Secretary of the Port River Sailing Club.

To be considered by the Management Committee, applications must be on the official application form and delivered to the Honorary Secretary.

Applications prepared by a junior member of less than 18 years of age shall be endorsed by a parent or guardian of the applicant who shall certify that they have read, understood and agree to abide by all of these Rules.

Applications may be made at any time of the year and should be made not less than two months prior to the scheduled date(s) of the sailing event(s) for which financial support is sought.


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